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Beyond the duffel bag: How to talk to your kids about sleepaway camp

with Rabbi Shmuel Tenenbaum, MSMFT

Are you worried about sending your son or daughter to sleepaway camp?
Unsure how to prepare them emotionally for the new and sometimes challenging experiences they’ll face?

A recording of the first installment of our “Talks that Matter” webinar series is now available for purchase. Included is a 45-minute presentation followed by a half-hour Q&A session.

Camp Webinar Recording

What will be covered?

Social skills

  • Breaking into a new group
  • First impressions
  • Problem solving
  • Being a team player
  • Emotional resilience

Personal care & safety

  • Personal hygiene
  • Self-care
  • Tznius/modesty
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Water & outdoor safety

Through candid discussion about these topics and more, you’ll walk away with scripts, tips, and tools to navigate important conversations with your children, so they’re prepared to:

make friends and navigate conflict when they can’t come to you

trust their gut when something feels unsafe—and know what to do about it

handle challenges like homesickness, peer pressure, bullying and more

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About the presenter

Rabbi Shmuel Tenenbaum, the mashgiach at Yeshiva Tiferes Tzvi in Chicago, is a pioneering educator and psychotherapist specializing in adolescent development. Recognizing the importance of preparing children for developmental changes, he founded BigTalks with guidance from esteemed rabbanim and roshei yeshiva. For nearly a decade, Rabbi Tenenbaum has worked to create and develop the BigTalks curriculum, which has been widely presented at educational conventions, including Torah Umesorah, and successfully implemented by schools and organizations globally.

What is BigTalks?

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At BigTalks, our mission is to inspire empowering, meaningful dialogues between children and the adults in their lives. Through psychoeducational toolkits, support groups, therapy hotlines, and parenting webinars, we equip parents, educators, and therapists to foster healthy habits and destigmatize mental health struggles in children and teens.

Above all, we believe in the transformative power of open-hearted conversations and empathetic guidance to help children face challenges with confidence and resilience.

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