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Join us in our mission to empower parents to raise healthy teens who can successfully navigate the physical and emotional challenges of adolescence.

Every precious child deserves a positive, nurturing experience of their formative years. Together, we can prevent the life-long psychological harm caused by lack of proper education and support. Your generous contribution will enable BigTalks to provide the Torah and mental health resources that Klal Yisroel needs to ensure our collective future, through developing strong individuals, families, and communities.

BigTalks is a division of Kedusha, Inc. a 501 C3 not-for-profit that was created to develop and promote psycho-educational models and materials to give parents tools for developing healthy, open communication with their adolescents and developing teenagers. It is our main vision at Kedusha, Inc. to educate parents and children with proactive and preventive measures to help save lives and preserve the Kedusha of Klal Yisroel.

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