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We understand…

The shame and stigma associated with some parts of adolescence can make it very difficult to address them directly with your son.

How it feels to worry about your child’s behavior and wonder how to deal with it, but be too embarrassed to ask anyone for guidance.

How difficult it is to make sure your son embraces a Torah-based perspective on these issues in a world where non-kosher information is readily accessible.

What’s included?

The program features a video presentation of Rabbi Tenenbaum teaching the information to ensure that the messages you convey to your child are clear and presented with the correct tone and sensitivities.

The USB includes a video of Rabbi Shmuel Tenenbaum modeling the actual conversation to have with your child.

  • Introducing the concept to your child
  • Learning the tone and approach to having the conversation
  • Decide if you want to watch it with your child or you want to give over the talk to your son

The Guidebook includes several other resources for parents, including:

  • Understanding Normal Developmental Teenage Behavior
  • Helping Your Child Establish Appropriate Boundaries
  • Cultivating Tznius in the Home
  • When to Consult with a Professional
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to Nurture Ongoing Communication

With the BigTalks toolkit,

you’ll not only have the tools to educate your son about these sensitive topics, but you’ll pave the way for healthy discussions that will strengthen your bond with your child for many years to come.

Adolescent Development Toolkit for Boys – Hard Copy

Cost of the program: $70

Introductory Offer: $40!

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Now available in digital form

Although we recommend purchasing the hard copy of the toolkit, we now offer the option of downloading the book and video in digital form.

Adolescent Development Toolkit for Boys – Print + Digital Bundle

Hard Copy + Digital Download: $45

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Adolescent Development Toolkit for Boys – Digital Download

Digital Download: $40

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