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Beyond the duffel bag: How to talk to your kids about sleepaway camp

with Rabbi Shmuel Tenenbaum, MSMFT

Are you worried about sending your son or daughter to sleepaway camp?
Unsure how to prepare them emotionally for the new and sometimes challenging experiences they’ll face?

Watch the recording of the first installment of our “Talks that Matter” webinar series – now available for purchase.

Running time: 1h
Cost: $20

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At BigTALKS*, our mission is to empower parents to raise emotionally healthy teens who are prepared for the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges of adolescence.

Are you…

Struggling with how
to prepare your child to experience puberty in a healthy, positive way?

Looking for a Torah-based approach to educating your child about adolescence without causing feelings of shame, stigma and guilt?

Worried about your child getting this sensitive information from questionable sources—all because they didn’t think they could ask you?

Finding yourself becoming judgmental of your child’s struggle, when compassion is more necessary than ever?

Wondering whether your child’s behavior is considered “normal”?

You only get one chance to do it right.

Puberty is a sensitive subject to talk about, especially to children. Knowing what to tell them—and how to tell them—is crucial.

We believe parents deserve the tools to guide their children through the often-turbulent stages of teenagehood. We also believe children deserve a shame-free, Torah-informed perspective on the hurdles that accompany these formative years.

Our BigTalks toolkits feature a user- friendly guidebook and a video presentation that will enable you to have a proper and productive talk with your child. These tools will help you navigate follow up discussions and answer your child’s questions in a sensitive and informed way.

Boys Toolkit Girls Toolkit

What rabbanim and parents are saying

What are the goals of BigTalks?

Build Healthy Body Awareness

Prepare your child for the changes occurring in their body in a way that will help them develop positive and healthy body awareness.

Encourage Open Communication

Give your child the gift of knowing that they can be open with you about their challenges, fears, and struggles.

Provide Guidance Based on Torah

Arm your child with the tools to face the physical and emotional challenges of puberty, within a halachic and hashkafic framework.

Prevent Mental Health Challenges

Educate your child about their body so that they can anticipate challenges while armed with tools in their toolbox and grow into a healthy, well-adjusted teen.

Boys Toolkit Girls Toolkit Download a Free Sample of the Toolkit

About the founder

Rabbi Shmuel Tenenbaum is the mashgiach at Yeshiva Tiferes Tzvi in Chicago, and a pioneer in promoting education about kedusha and adolescent development. As a psychotherapist specializing in adolescence, he recognized the importance of preparing children for developmental changes, and – with the guidance of rabbanim and roshei yeshiva — founded BigTalks.

For close to a decade, Rabbi Tenenbaum worked to create and develop the BigTalks curriculum. This curriculum has been presented at workshops for mechanchim at the Agudah Convention, Torah Umesorah Convention, and various principals’ conventions, and has been successfully implemented by schools and organizations worldwide.

What other toolkits will we be producing?

Kedusha, Inc. and BigTalks is excited to produce and make available many more resources for parents. Our goals include:

Going to Yeshiva Toolkit

Teenage Toolkit
for Boys

Teenage Toolkit
for Girls

Customized Toolkits
By Request

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